Don’t Buy Fake WiFiBlast Range Extenders on EBay and Amazon

Don’t Buy Fake WiFiBlast Range Extenders on EBay and Amazon.

Don't Buy Fake WiFiBlast Range Extenders on EBay and Amazon.
You Can Buy With Confidence When You Purchase Your WiFiBlast From!

Fake goods also called knockoffs, replicas, imitations, counterfeit, and “designer inspired” items are on eBay and Amazon in droves, mostly because sellers don’t know any better.

Regardless of the name you use to identify counterfeit goods, they’re becoming more and more commonplace on the internet, and not just on eBay and Amazon. Counterfeit goods can be found on the street, on eBay, thrift stores, Facebook groups, Craigslist, garage sales, church sales, and consignment shops.

Why Is It Wrong to Sell Counterfeit Items? Nobody is getting hurt, right? Well, maybe not directly but the counterfeit industry fuels other underground and illegal activities including hacking, prostitution, human trafficking, weapons, child labor, gangs, and street drugs. When you buy a counterfeit item, you are supporting all kinds of illegal activities.

Difference Between Original WiFiBlast and Counterfeit and Knockoffs? WiFiBlasts International, explains the difference this way: “Counterfeit wifiblast range extender pretend to be the real thing. They use the exact same brand or trademark logo or signature symbol, like the Nike swoosh, or the Coach logo. They are intentionally trying to make the buyer believe the item is authentic.”

Don't Buy Fake WiFiBlast Range Extenders on EBay and Amazon 1

To identify a counterfeit WiFiBlast, look at all the pictures. Is the power button off-center? Like on a fake WiFiBlast, the “power button” will be center, tilted a little bit, or just look like shoddy construction. Legitimate WiFiBlast will have power button centered on the front .

Examine photos closely. Ask the seller if the images they have uploaded to eBay are of the actual wifi range booster you’re buying. If you’re not sure about anything, ask for more pictures — legitimate sellers will be happy to show you more.

You can also ask the seller to show you proof of authenticity. They should be able to show you a copy of their receipt or similar paperwork. If the receipt does not come from WiFiBlasts International or one of its reputable dealer,, Newegg, or Sunyuey, it may be fake. Always do your research on the seller. Examine their feedback and their selling history.

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