Don’t Fall For Website Scams Selling Counterfeit WiFiBlast Range Extender!

Don’t Fall For Website Scams Selling Counterfeit WiFiBlast Range Extender!

Don't Fall For Website Scams Selling Counterfeit
Don’t Fall For Website Scams Selling Counterfeit

BE AWARE that there are many websites selling counterfeit wifiblasts of inferior quality. As far as we can tell, many of these sites are all based in Panama, china etc. Many people are enticed by the unbelievably, very low prices, and do not realize what they are getting until the shoddy merchandise arrives.

What you can expect if you order a WiFiblast knock-off:

1. The material is not of good quality. The workmanship is shoddy.
2. These wifiblasts are not made from exact specifications – they are made based on inadequate technology. Therefore it is unable to boost your wireless internet connection so that you receive recetion at all corners of your home.
3. It is very difficult to get these sites to accept a return. You will not even be able to return your wifiblast unless you pay high shipping costs back to sellers.
4. Many of these sites post fake reviews to create the illusion of customer satisfaction.
5. It will take two to three weeks for your wifiblast to arrive, because of the long distance in shipping.

Actions you can take if you purchased a counterfeit wifiblast:

Contact the company via email and tell them (in writing) that the merchandise is “not as pictured”. When they inform you that you will have to pay return shipping to seller, contact your credit card company and tell them you received “counterfeit merchandise” and you want to file a “chargeback” because the merchandise is “not as described” and the company is charging you an excessive amount to return.
Send your credit card company a link to this page!

Here is a list of the websites we have discovered that are selling counterfeit wifiblasts. We will continue to add to it.


If you have had dealings with one of these wifiblasts sellers, tell us your experience. Please email details to – put “stop wifiblasts ripoffs” into the subject line.

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